Purify your tresses with the KMS Add Volume Solid Shampoo. The brand’s bestselling shampoo is now available in bar form, letting you care for your hair and the environment at the same time. With less plastic waste, the bar is an excellent alternative for those wanting to reduce their environmental footprint.

Caring for your hair as nature intended, the formula is fuelled by a botanical blend, with 78% of the ingredients coming from natural origin. This includes Eucalyptus, an ingredient famed for its healing abilities, which works to calm and cleanse the tresses.

Fusing the power of science and nature, the formula is also enriched with an AHA Structure Complex. Fuelled by innovative ingredients, this volumising shampoo expertly eliminates impurities whilst strengthening and lifting fine, limp hair to leave it looking thicker and fuller. Transforming the tresses from dry and dull to soft and silky, this formula detoxifies hair without stripping the strands of their essential oils. As if that wasn’t enough, the shampoo is also infused with a refreshing fragrance, where notes of Eucalyptus and Cinnamon cloak the hair with an uplifting aroma.

Ideal for fine, flat hair in need of a boost.

Free from sulphates, silicone and alcohol.

Add Volume Shampoo Bar